Sunday, December 20, 2009

Video Chatting with Kita and babes

Not great pictures, but super great to connect
thousands of miles away

LOOK! We actually got all 4 on the screne!

We visit, laugh, cry a little and catch up
until Myra gets hungry again!
Bye Jimmers!
We all love you Big Brother!

Bye for now Glader Boy!
Thanks for the jibber-jabber
and handsome smile.

A kiss from all of us to you tiny, little Myra!
We love you princess.

Two Beauties!

Traveling in the RV

We had fun playing games, eating
and falling around the corners.
(Kim barfing 3 times)
Guess Mom won't be the 'go to girl' when
everyone wants something
while the rig is moving!
Shelley made me promise I wouldn't post these next two:

Nikki was done winning all the games....
No...Wait just a minute....
She hated Trouble and Loot!
Gee, I wonder why?
Cuz she kept loosing....
Oh, pobre cita mia!

So she finished her book! Yae Nikki Beth!
Aint she tute?
(As Gma Myrna would say)

And Daddy Don got us everywhere we wanted to go!
Thanks Dad!
You're the BEST!!!

Great Granda Elma

Grandma Elma is doing so well. She is sweet and happy and only likes to be away from her home for an hour or two max. She loves her cat Susie and worries about her when she is out visiting. We tried to bring her home with us because she has talked about it over the past few months. But when it came right down to it she said, "Well Donnie, wanting to go to Utah and actually going is two different things!" HA HA Grandma.

Tyce had a hard time napping

We match wonderfully huh?
We planned it :)
Faith, Gma and Aunt Shelley

Our gang of girls over 4 generations~

Gma's getting tired of picture taking by now
"Take me home!"

So we did! It was wonderful as usual, except we ached
for Erika and her family.
We emailed with her and missed her sweetness.
Tyce can't wait to get his only cousins back
in the USA later this year!!!!!

More Turkey Day Pics

There's David Humphries at the table...
Glenn is behind the balloon...

This is David's family. Grace and kids...
The guys carving Mr Turkey in the same roasting pan that Tyce lays in every year...
And Tyce getting ready to do his flip! (I forgot to rotate it - oh well)

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Uncle Ed has a new fancy bed. We never laughed harder than when he decided to show off his new power! See the mouth piece he has?
Well, this is where his power begins!

He can * turn off and on the lights
* control the Tv, channels, volume, the works!
* answer the phone (it talks back)
* turn the fan off and on
* make his bed go up and down - both the whole bed
and the incline to sit up or not.
He can even
* open and close the garage door!
Now here's the story that busted us all at the seams:

Ed was proceeding to show us all his new tricks that he has set by a series of blow signals in his mouth piece, when he got to the bed and he raised and lowered it....when the bed went down it accidentally pulled the power plug out of the wall behind the bed. The ladylike robotic phone voice said loudly - "POWER FAILURE!" We all burst out in laughter! Ed smiled so big.

Yet, this not only stopped his fun, but it also stopped the pump which keeps his bed full of air.

Picture this: Slowly, as we were all ooooing and awing over all he could do, the bed begins to loose air and shrink. This would have been ok - but just before the plug got pulled, Ed sat his back up really high - which meant that as his matress lost air Ed was pulled into the bed at the bend and was getting mushed royally!

We were all laughing so hard and Ed was until it got painful then everyone jumped and tried to remedy the mess. Glenn was holding Tyce and Shelley was laughing so hard it took a few minutes to get the plug back in and it appeared to be broken at first! Oh Dear! It was hillarious!
We got Ed all put back together, the entire room was still giggling, and the commotion brought all who missed the show into the room. They asked Ed if he'd do it again! There was no way! Ed had had enough!
We still laugh about it. Whoa.....Ed is still full of it! Funny guy!

Hang in there Ed....we love you so much!